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Thanks to your generosity, the Children’s Cancer Caring Center remains a 100% free treatment center for children stricken with cancer. Together, we can give children a second chance at life.



Healing with compassion & technology

Everything You Need, Under One Roof

The battle against childhood cancer requires staggeringly expensive technological treatments, vast medical attention from pediatric oncologists, and care from over two dozen additional sub-specialty physicians. Our center’s mission is simple – to provide our patients with absolutely everything they need to win the arduous battle against cancer.

Our doctors ensure that each and every patient receives a unique treatment plan that caters to their exact needs. No matter what technological or specialized care our patients require in the process, it’s all located under one roof. No need to travel between clinics, no need to wait for treatment, and no need to pay for a single medical bill. Unlike other pediatric facilities, our center also provides long-term follow-up care to improve quality of life, and whatever else is needed to aid the courageous children and young adults who are now long-term cancer survivors.

Our Medical Director


Dr. Doured Daghistani

For over three decades, Dr. Daghistani, referred to as Dr. D by patients and families, has been the Medical Director of the Children’s Cancer Caring Center. Dr. Daghistani is board-certified in pediatrics with a subspecialty in pediatric hematology and oncology, holding a medical degree from the University of Damascus, Syria. Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Daghistani served a four-year term as Vice President of medical staff at Baptist Hospital along with serving as Secretary-Treasurer. In addition to serving as Chairman of Baptist Children’s Hospital Executive Board, Dr. Daghistani is the Medical Director of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Baptist Children’s Hospital and Chief of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Miami Cancer Institute.

A New Home For The

Children’s Cancer Caring Center

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Proton Therapy

With standard radiation therapy, cancerous cells are destructed, but the inability to adequately target the exact harmful cells puts healthy tissue in great danger. Consequently, a lower dose of radiation is used to avoid harm. Proton Therapy is the superior form of radiation therapy.

The power of proton therapy lies in its pinpoint accuracy – higher doses of radiation can be used to target tumors, while reducing harm to vital tissue and organs. Patients can benefit from a direct aim on the tumor and fewer damaging side effects. Read more.


The CyberKnife® system delivers high doses of radiation with acute precision to a broad range of tumors throughout the body.


TrueBeam™ is a fully-integrated system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery, delivering quick, accurate dose rates anywhere in the body.


Step into an otherworldly dimension with the Infusionarium. This immersive virtual reality experience gives children a chance to escape the pain of chemotherapy while enjoying movies, video games, and live video chats. Patients can spend the length of their treatment in this cozy theatre, featuring specialized treatment chairs and additional seating for guests. Former Vice President / Creative Director at Disney Imagineering and former cancer patient Roger Holzberg designed the Infusionarium to let children heal both physically and mentally.


The Infusionarium at the Children’s Cancer Caring Center is the only of its kind in South Florida. It offers patients the option to spend the length of their treatment however they desire, with options ranging from video gaming, watching movies, checking social media, and most exciting of all – engaging in live feeds.

Patients can converse with relatives from far away over FaceTime, have a face to face chat with aquarium staff from around the world, and explore Mars with NASA. With the Infusionarium, the pain of chemotherapy is masked by the excitement of a child’s imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Alternative Treatments

At the Children’s Cancer Caring Center, we offer a range of alternative treatment methods to complement our patients’ rigorous medical treatment plans. Our acupressure specialists use the ancient healing art to release tension, boost the immune system, increase circulation, and reduce pain in our patients. In addition to acupressure, our patients may receive relaxing massages, which help to reduce the side effects caused by conventional treatments, engage in pet therapy, and enjoy education playtime.