Saving Victor’s Life

Saving Victor’s Life

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In September of 2008, my 6 year old son, Victor, became very ill, and after being examined

by a doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital, my wife and I were given the fatal news that he had leukemia. Victor was ambulanced to Miami Children’s Hospital, where the diagnosis was corroborated.

After Victor was admitted to the hospital, we gave our medical insurance information to the billing department. We were told that it was inadequate, and that we had to pay, in full, for all expenses.

A cash or credit card deposit was demanded of us. We are not wealthy people, but I said I would contact the insurance company regarding payment.

Each day, while my son was suffering with this terrible disease, someone from the billing department came to his room to pressure us for cash deposits. The amount was $60,000. I made a $5,000 deposit, and was forced to sell personal property which made an additional $15,000, leaving my family without any money. My insurance added another $15,000. Just two weeks later, the billing department told us that we now had to pay $190,000! My offer to make a payment plan was refused. I went to the social service department for help, but received none.

Thanks to God, a church member told me about the Children’s Cancer Caring Center, and set up an appointment for me to meet with Ms. Lee Klein. Unexplainable peace of mind was given to me by Ms. Klein, who accepted Victor, not only for his first year, but for all the years that he will have to receive very expensive cancer treatment.

I am so thankful, and blessed to see my beautiful son smile again. I have hopes that the treatments will cure him. We were blessed to know Ms. Klein, the Children’s Cancer Caring Center which has the most generous and kind supporters, the medical team and the members of my church who assisted me.

I voluntarily returned to Miami Children’s Hospital, to make arrangements for the debt. They refused arrangements, insisting on payment in full, and this was done with threatening statements.

Eventually, we learned this debt was cancelled, we believe, by an “angel.”

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