We are only as good as our capacity to care. Until there is a cure, we will continue to care. We hope you will too…Caring is the Key!


The mission of this organization has remained a constant testament to the heart and strength of this one-of-a-kind charity corporation.

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The Children’s Cancer Caring Center, from its inception, has strongly supported research and currently supports and participates in…

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Message from Lee Klein/ Chairman CEO of the Children’s Cancer Center, Inc.

Having served our community’s unfortunate cancer stricken children since 1965, with the many advances in medical treatments which have made positive impact on our patients’ lives, we continue to witness the inherent catastrophic problems that cancer inflicts upon its youngest victims and their families. There is still a long road to travel until the mysteries of this #1 killer disease of children are unlocked. Only through research will a cure be found. From its inception, the Children’s Cancer Caring Center (CCCC) has strongly supported research, and currently supports, and participates in the largest world wide clinical effort ever attempted in the development of better childhood cancer therapies, COG, the Children’s Oncology Group. The CCCC remains the only free treatment center.



If you are interested in hosting an event to benefit the Children’s Cancer Caring Center, please fill out the information on our volunteer page, and we will contact you to discuss upcoming opportunities.